LE BLANC STUDIO believes in the importance of celebrating beauty, both inside and out. Having a positive and confident self-image is an integral part to living a healthy, happy life. 


Low self-esteem can have an incredible impact on your life experience. It slows down your motivation to find joy, to seek out companions, and crushes your ability to feel worthy. Unfortunately, low self-esteem can also lead to substance abuse as a way to cope with negative thoughts and feelings. LE BLANC STUDIO believes that no one deserves to feel alone or unworthy. Ever. 

Coming from a family affected by the disease of addiction, and working in an industry that focuses an immense amount of value on physical appearance, I believe it is important to share my own self-discovery. After recently experiencing a program for family members affected by the disease of addiction at EDGEWOOD Rehabilitation Facility in Nanaimo, British Columbia, I was left wishing that everyone could share in this opportunity. I saw with my own eyes, people learning to trust themselves, their loved ones and embrace the possibility of peace, happiness and comfort in their own skin. 

I am currently brainstorming event ideas to help celebrate positive self-image, while also raising money for the NON-Profit Addictions Charity - EDGEWOOD Foundation. Their charitable donations go towards addictions research, education, and patient sponsorships. For more information, please click here.

Along with raising funds for EDGEWOOD, I am also very interested in pursuing a way to increase education in schools regarding the disease of addiction, and how it not only affects the addict, but their loved ones as well. Children growing up in homes affected by addiction deserve to know their childhood is important, and their thoughts and feelings are just as valid as those they take care of. I am still in the research stages, but am hopeful to pitch a concrete strategy by 2014. 

If you have any suggestions, ideas or wish to collaborate with LE BLANC STUDIO to raise awareness about the disease of addiction, please click the CONTACT page and send me a message! I would love to hear from you.  


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